Which one to pick? Contact lenses or Eyeglasses?

If you have been prescribed eyeglasses, then it’s time to wear them. No matter whether you choose to wear eyeglasses or contact lenses for your eyes, you need one of them to look properly. And if you are confused with what to wear then there are certain things you need to consider, like comfort, cost, budget, lifestyle, and more.

We will sort out both the pros and cons for eyeglasses as well as contact lenses, which will help you to decide to pick one for better vision.

Eyeglasses have some pretty good pros over contact lenses. They require less amount of maintenance and also eyeglasses are cheaper in comparison to contact lenses. They also protect your eyes from the harmful UVA and UVB rays. However, there are few contact lenses who claim to protect your eyes from harmful rays as well. But glasses do this job much better than the contact lenses.

There are also so many types of glasses available in the market which can accentuate your look.

Now, contact lenses also have some advantages. Like contacts sit directly on your eye lens letting you see everything perfectly. It gives you freedom from wearing something on your face. You can easily go for outdoor activities. On top of that, you can change your eye colour whenever you want.

Now, let’s get into the details of the pros and cons of both contact lenses and eyeglasses. Let’s dive in.

Contact lenses


  • Contact lenses fit perfectly on your eye giving you the perfect vision no matter where you look.
  • Contact lenses let you enjoy outdoor sports
  • Contact lenses won’t get in your way when you are changing your clothes or getting ready.
  • You can wear contact lenses whenever you want, it won’t block your vision during the cold season, unlike glasses which catches fog.
  • You have many different kinds of colours available. You can experiment with colours as much as you want. You can also check out contact lenses price easily online.


  • Some people find contact lenses to be more time-consuming.
  • Contacts sometimes can cause the dry eye syndrome because some of them reduce the contact of oxygen reaching your eyes.
  • Wearing contacts nonstop and working on the computer can cause computer vision syndrome as well.
  • You will have to take care of the contact lenses more. Like, you have to clean the case and fill in fresh solution on a daily basis. Even while wearing contacts you have to be very careful and clean it properly.
  • If you accidentally take a shower while wearing your contacts, it can cause a lot of irritation. Not just this if you wear them while sleeping then as well your eyes can get dry and irritated making you feel extremely uncomfortable.



  • Eyeglasses don’t come in direct contact with your eyes making you touch your eyes less which in turn save you from catching any eye infection.
  • If you have a dry eye problem, then glasses won’t make it dryer.
  • Eyeglasses are also extremely cheaper when you compare it with lenses. One glass and it will be with you for years and years. You can look for eyeglasses in India online, buy an eyeglass, pick a fancy frame and wear it for forever.
  • Frames come in different colours and fashion. It accentuates your look and speaks a lot about your personality too. It’s a must-have fashion accessory.
  • Glasses also protect your eyes from harmful UVA and UVB rays, glares, dust, wind, and debris as well.


  • Eyeglasses stay at a distance of 12mm from the eyes which can distort your peripheral vision. Many have also complained about their discomfort while wearing it for the first time.
  • Some people also don’t like the feel of spectacles. Some say its too heavy while some say they don’t find themselves attractive in glasses.
  • If you have given a strong prescription than the edges of your glasses will look a lot bulkier, which some people don’t find too appealing.
  • Glasses tend to catch fog during cold climate which blocks your vision.
  • Some frames are too heavy and can put a lot of pressure around your ears area which can ultimately lead to pain and discomfort.

Whether you choose eyeglasses or contact, it will totally depend upon which one do you find more comfortable. Both are important for your eyes, no matter which one you choose because they will ultimately help you to look better.

Our advice would be if you pick contact lenses, do buy a good pair of eyeglasses too. Your eyes will always need rest and when its time, you can take out your contacts and put on your glasses.


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