Top 7 Cake And Teddy Gifts For Love Once In Chandigarh

Surprising your near ones with the gifts they love the most really gives the most outstanding pleasure. It honestly makes them feel that someone does care for them honestly from heart. Therefore to show your love selects some teddy and cake combo for your near ones.

#1.Butterscotch Cake With Pink Teddy: As you all know that choosing a gift for your friend is indeed a hectic job but yes when you search for a combo like pink teddy with a butterscotch cake really makes someone’s day. Basically the yummy half kg butterscotch cakes when topped with chocolate pralines create an unforgettable flavor. Beside that you will also enjoy a delicious buttery like frosting which makes it melt easily. Now along with this the pink colored teddy really makes a sweet message of love. Therefore now you can send online gifts by means of online delivery portals like

#2.Black Forest Cake And White Teddy: A soft spongy cake when it makes through your mouth really makes you feel like floating on the ninth cloud. In that regard you can surprise someone who lives in Chandigarh by sending black forest cake. The cake is made from frothy type cream which makes it soft and spongy. The best is that the cake seems light. Now just team it up with a white colored bear basically the color of both the cake and the teddy bear makes a perfect combo gift.

#3.Yellow Teddy With A Multi-Colored Fruit Cake: Fruit cake is just a desired cake for all and a slice of it on your plate gives infinite happiness. The timeless cake is must have for Christmas for all. In fact, from kids to adults actually don’t want to miss the taste at all. The cake is light in texture and is basically topped with fresh seasonal fruits. The basic characteristic of the fruit is that it is an eggless cake. To make it more eyes catching a yellow teddy is attached with a red bow in its neck.

#4.KitkatCake With Grey Teddy: You always know that your friend loves to munch on the chocolate kitkat and the wafers layered with deep chocolate seriously makes an outstanding snack. Now when the same kitkat is used on topping the cake it seriously sounds amazing. This kind of cake is made from pure chocolate and full creamy. Basically it is decorated with munchykitkat which make it look like small chocolaty pillars on top. But it is spongy and very soft so a small bite is enough to comprehend the taste. Now when you start to pairing go for a grey colored one only as this is your friend’s favorite one.

#5.Rainbow Cake With A Deep Pink Teddy: The rainbow cake as the name suggests you might have imagined it as seven colors running on top of the cake. But you will be highly excited to see that the cake is made of chocolate and has been topped with multicolored gems like violet, indigo, red, green, yellow, orange, blue. Most excitingly, the top of the cake looks strikingly colorful. Apart from that, it has outstanding flavor as well which makes the taste really incredible.

#6.Red Velvet Heart Cake With Turquoise Teddy Bear: Last year she came into your life and tomorrow is your anniversary so you contacted a prominent online delivery shop like to send gifts to Chandigarh. But they suggested you to send a heart shaped red colored cake which should be a completely velvety in texture and soft enough so that you can have it very easily. Now you planned to add a turquoise colored teddy as a combo gift. But the professionals suggested having a twelve inch in height so that it looks a perfect anniversary gift.

#7.Vanilla Cake With Red Teddy: You have so beloved family staying in Chandigarh and you want to surprise them with a cake and a teddy. But was confused so decided to gift the vanilla cake with cherry toppings. The white color of the vanilla looks yummy and delicious. At the same time, the delicious cherries really give a mouthful taste. Along with that the teddy gives the perfect spark to them.

Thus, these are the most precious gifts you can choose for your loved ones who stay at Chandigarh.

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