A bargained drift machine from BMW

BMWs are known to produce some of the best driver centric cars out there in the automotive world. The BMW M series have always epitomized performance and produced some of the best cars in the segment. The newest car to come out of the BMW stable is the all-new 2018 BMW M240i convertible.

Itis a one of the rare cars that have not bloated out of proportions following the recent updated. It stills maintains its small charm while being more involving than ever. The car is both adequately powered and nimble enough to blast through the corners at amazing speeds.

The 2-series has always provided one the best value for money motoring experience in its segment.The new M240i aims to follow the tradition of its predecessors and aim to provide a holistic experience to the driver complete with the open-air thrills and charm of a proper convertible.

Driving and Performance

Powering this small and nimble car is a ferocious 3.0L straight 6-cylinder motor that is tuned to produce 335 hp that makes the motor worthy of the M badge. The 7-speed ZF transmission paired with the motor is another thing that makes the car so great with its razor-sharp gearshifts. For hardcore enthusiasts, a manual is also on offer Power is routed to all 4 wheels at all times.

The performance of this car is what makes it a true M car. The way it shifts momentum is unparalleled by any other car in the segment. The amount of grip and control that the driver gets while throwing the car around corners inspire even the inexperienced drivers to push the car to its limit. The steering wheel and the suspension setup requires a special mention because they contribute the most to make the car what it is.

Although the car is a bomb on the smooth tarmac but rough patches of road make the ride rather uncomfortable. The stiff suspension setup certainly makes life difficult for the occupants.


Being a BMW, the overall fit and finish of the M240i is disappointing. The interior is well laid out and is an ergonomic delight but is rather plain to look at. Other cars in the segment offer better value for money as far as interiors are concerned. Even the materials used for the dash are made up of unrefined plastics that do not inspire the feel that one expects out of a premium German sedan.

Another pitfall is the amount of space inside the cabin. It gets a little too cozy for the liking to say the least. The lack of airiness is also apparent but it does get better when the top is dropped. Larger folks will definitely find it tough to find a comfortable position rest their bottoms.


The 2018 BMW M240i convertible is a smart looking car from every possible angle. No matter if the top is down or up, the car looks like it’s ready to wreak havoc on the race track. Although the car follows textbook BMW design language but it adds a fair few special elements that make the car unique.

The front fascia of the car is muscular and bold looking and the story remains the same on the rear end. Big bold air intakes and eye-catching headlights taper smoothly into the design which goes all sleek and sharp to create to create the side profile of the car.

Final Verdict

One thing that can be said for sure is the M240i would never make you feel like it is lesser of any of the other M cars. Be it its look or its ability to give open air thrills or its ability to annihilate the track, it seemingly has everything to put a smile on the face of the enthusiast in everyone. But it does have its downsides too. The cabin space is not nearly satisfactory especially for the taller folks. The rear seats are a joke for even regular sized adults and the interior quality and layout leaves you wanting for more. But all in all, if sheer driving pleasure is what you’re after, the 2018 BMW M240i Convertible is the car to look out for.

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