4 Negative Effects Alcohol has on Your Body

Alcohol has been drunk in many cultures around the world for a very long time. While small amounts of alcohol are fine, for some people alcohol use can lead to serious addiction issues. Some people are predisposed to become alcoholics. Scientists looked at the genes of nearly fifty thousand people. In doing so, they found that there is a gene that is apparently potentially linked to drinking too much. Too much alcohol is very bad for the body. There are many ways that alcohol can harm people’s internal organs. If you are fighting addiction or someone you love is doing the same, it helps to know exactly what this substance is doing to you.

The Brain

One of the ways that alcohol can make it harder to function is that it literally harms the brain. Your brain is the single most important organ in your body. You need to be sharp and capable of responding to challenges of all kinds with great purpose and thought. Alcohol use damages the brain by shrinking your brain’s front lobes. This makes it harder for you to think clearly on a daily basis and make rational life decisions. It can also interfere with the part of your brain that creates your memories. You may experience blackouts where you have no memory of where you were or what you did.

Hurting Your Liver

Your liver is the part of your body that gets rid of varied toxins. The liver is a large organ that helps you stay healthy. Toxins of all kinds can build in your liver, causing huge problems with many other body systems. Alcohol is one such toxin that liver must remove. Excessive consumption of alcohol over time can cause your liver to fail. Liver failure is a serious medical emergency. If the body does not correct itself and heal, you may be facing the need to have a liver transplant.

The Stomach

Not only does alcohol harm your liver and your brain. It can also harm your stomach. The stomach needs to make sure that nutrients are absorbed into your bloodstream. When you drink alcohol, the alcohol can irritate the delicate cells of this part of your digestive system. The result of heavy drinking or even light drinking can be issues with your stomach that get worse over time. You may feel quite bloated as you drink or afterwards for a long while. Many people will also get gas that makes them highly uncomfortable. Alcohol can also trigger highly painful stomach ulcers that make it hard to digest food and may need treatment. If you suffer from many of these effects already,  alcohol can make them worse.

Harming Your Bones

Strong bones are essential to move about comfortably. When people drink alcohol, they can increase the possibility that their bones will get damaged. Osteoporosis is a disease of the bones. This disease causes holes in the bones that can incredibly painful. It can also lead to serious problems such as fractures. These fractures can happen with a simple fall. Over time, the person with this terrible condition may find it nearly impossible to get around without a walker or a wheelchair. Skilled addiction treatment from Sanford treatment centers can head off these problems.

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